Oculus 3DC-M1 3-Dimensional Tool Setter Probe

Ultra-Precision 3D Tool Setter Probe for Tool Length & Diameter measurment, Broken Tool Detection & Cutter Wear Compensation.

 What are the Key Features of the 3DC-M1 3D Tool Setter?

  • ≤1 micron repeatability.
  • +Z, ±Y, ±X Tool Setting Directions.
  • >10 million Trigger Life.
  • IP68 Protection Rating.
  • Touch Protection Range of XY Plane: ±12.5° / Z: 6.2mm

 What functions can the EMG 3DC-M1 perform on a Profesisonal CNC Machine?

  • Tool Length Measurement
  • Tool Diameter Measurement.
  • Tool Length wear and compensation.
  • Tool Diameter wear and cutter compensation.
  • Broken Tool Detection
  • Slipped tool overlength detection.