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Digital Calipers & Digital Vernier Calipers

Extreme Closeup of Big Screen Dasqua Digital Calipers

Scroll down to see a video of our Oil rated Digital Calipers working submerged in Oil!

Explore our large range of professional electronic vernier calipers. We have one of the largest selections of specialist electronic calipers in the world, featuring solutions for a whole selection of measuring caliper requirements. EMG Precision have a large range of digital calipers uk stock and short global lead times. 

Our extensive range covers standard type calipers in a range of sizes and performance levels from entry-level solutions, to ultra-precision industrial versions. Digital measuring calipers have a wide range of uses from taking measurements internal and external, to depth and step distance. All of Dasquas electronic callipers are available reporting in metric or imperial, with the touch of a button. Digital displays are available in standard, oversize and BIG which is great if you have a hard time reading them without your spectacles. Featuring fine adjustment, excellent battery life, high quality large LCD screen and stainless steel body measuring unit. We have digital vernier calipers that feature water, cooling and oil water resistance. We have options with big screens for easy viewing, mini caliper versions and digital calipers with carbide tipped jaws. You can choose from plastic or metal housing measuring calipers and IP Rated versions in either IP54 or IP65. You can check out a video of one of our premium calipers below fully functioning whilst submerged in oil.

We have a specialist calipers in both analog and electronic forms for extremely heavy duty applications, ultra-light carbon fibre calipers, Digital scales with separate readout screens, digital depth calipers, tube thickness, outside neck, inside groove measuring calipers, inside neck, point calipers, center-line and apothem digital calipers, tooth thickness vernier digital calipers and much more. If you can't find it in our store it can only be because we haven't got round to adding it yet. Please contact us on our Contact Form or at and we will be happy to help out.

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What are Digital Calipers and Digital Vernier Calipers?

Sometimes digital calipers are referred to as Digital Vernier Calipers even though they are functionally very different, yet almost the same. Yes, that doesn’t make a lot of sense I know. I will try to explain for those who are not familiar with the differences. A digital caliper displays its measurement results electronically on a digital screen. On some models, usually higher quality models of calipers, they feature a digital screen and a full vernier scale. This means that if the batteries were to die on you, you could read the exact measurement off the vernier scale, manually, without relying on the digital screen readout. It is typically nowadays to see models with a digital readout screen and a very basic graduated scale, usually in millimetres or half centimetres only. In this case its best to keep a spare battery in your calipers protective storage case.

What are Digital Calipers used for?

You can read our full article, dedicated to digital calipers, how they work, the parts that make them, and what they are used for on our page entitled… How Do Digital Cali... (

Check out our Engineering Caliper Videos below...

How are Dasqua's waterproof Digital Vernier Calipers made 2015 1005 IP67 Range of Digital Calipers

2021-10-31 Upload Date.The Pro Blu Digital Caliper from Dasqua is the flagship model in the vernier caliper range featuring a solid stainless steel construct...
How are Dasqua's waterproof Digital Vernier Calipers made 2015 1005 IP67 Range of Digital Calipers

The video was uploaded on 31/10/2021.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 31 seconds.

Engineering Calipers and Micrometers Range Video from Dasqua Technology

2020-10-05 Uploaded Date.Check out our Metrology store featuring a comprehensive range of professional engineering measuring tools. Our range specialises in ...
Engineering Calipers and Micrometers Range Video from Dasqua Technology

The video was uploaded on 20/10/2021.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 1 minute.