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New Product Launch: THE EMG Sprite10 Compact Tool Setter

New Product Launch: THE EMG Sprite10 Compact Tool Setter

Posted by EMG Precision on Aug 22, 2021

New Product Launch: THE EMG Sprite10 Tool Setter.

The launch of the EMG Sprite10. A compact ultra precision optical CNC tool setter from EMG Precision. Introducing EMG Precision's brand new Low Profile, Compact, Nano-Precision CNC Tool Height Setter. 

The EMG Sprite 10 features a state-of-the-art optical sensor rendering 0.5 microns repeatability. Our ultra compact design has given the Sprite 10 an overall height from base to contact surface of only 43mm. The low posture of this device makes it perfect for CNC Routers and Milling machines with space restrictions. We have not compromised with the Sprite10 and it still comes with the usual Air Knife & Mirror Finished 10mm diameter tungsten steel touch plate. This latest edition to EMG's Tool Setter range comes with an IP68 Rating making it perfect for the harshest of demanding, industrial environments.