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The Tyranny of Exceptionalism

UTS-2: Part of the Invictus Series

The EMG UTS-2 is the first iteration of the Invictus Series of Ultra-Performance Machine Tool Setter's. Industrial Machine Shop Performance at an affordable price.

Invictus Features

# IP68 Rated

# Stainless Steel Construction

# Sub 1 micron precision

# Air Knife

# World-Class Performance

About the UTS-2 Tool Height Setter

EMG CNC present a State-of-the-Art choice of Ultra-Precision CNC Tool Height Setters for Z Height Touch off measurement. The UTS-2 is perfect for the harshest of machining environments featuring IP68 Rating and a solid metal construction. 1 micron repeatability accuracy and >3 Millions triggers make this Tool Setter an affordable performance choice. Our Tool Setters are typically mounted on the milling machine table and the base comes with four screws for levelling calibration.


Heavy Industrial construction make this perfect for the most hostile machining center environments and the air knife makes measuring tool lengths reliable with constant manual intervention. The included mounting base makes this Tool Length Measurement product easy to mount on milling machines, VMC's & CNC routers using T-Slot Clamping or simply directly affixed to the base.

Benefits of an automated tool setting system...

# Reduced scrap
# Significant time savings with reduced machine downtime
# In-cycle tool breakage detection
# Automatic tool offset calculation and correction of tool length.
# Tool Wear Compensation.
# Elimination of manual setting errors
# Accurate tool length measurement
# Machine Center Thermal Compensation.
# Perfect for Milling Machines, VMC's & CNC Routers.