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Grinding Machine - Grinding Machining

Explore EMG Machine Tools selection of commercial, industrial grinding machines, including surface grinders, centerless grinding machines, rotary surface grinders, ultra-precision surface grinders and much more. Shop our range of professional grinding machining equipment in a range of sizes, specifications and precisions.

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Image of an EMG Machine Tools Electric Surface Grinder

Image of an EMG Machine Tools Electric Surface Grinder

FAQs - Grinding Machine Frequently Asked Questions

The Grinding Machine is critical piece of engineering machinery in the manufacturing Industry, particularly when it involves precision machining of components. In this article we will find out about the Definition, Parts, Working Principle, Operation, Advantages and the Application of the Grinding machines in detail.

A typical grinding machine consists of the following main elements…

  • Base or Bed (usually very heavy to provide stability and vibration resistance.
  • Headstock
  • Column
  • Tailstock
  • Worktable (often a permanent magnetic chuck type but not exclusively).
  • Grinding or Abrasive wheel particular to the application at hand.
  • Wheel Head
  • Cross-feed of Traversing wheels.
  • Coolant system.
  • Sparks & Dust guard protection.

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