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HSK DIN 69893

SHOP Our trusted range of precision HSK Tool Holders and accessories featuring a large choice of G2.5 30,000rpm CNC Mill Tool Holders with ER Collets, SDC, APU Drill Chucks, SLN, SLA, XL ER, FMA, FMB and much more. We also have HSK Tool Fixtures, Collets and Face Mill Arbors. Choose from HSK 40, HSK 63A, HSK63F and HSK100A Tool Holders. Especially in today’s fast paced competitive market, the demands on your automated, high speed production processes are intense, and it is crucial that you use a high quality CNC Spindle Tool Holder that you can rely on. The EMG Precision range of Ultra-Precise CNC Tool Holders are not only for the most demanding, precision applications, but a ultra-high performance tool holder improves the wear on your cutters, spindle and other automation equipment, lowering your overall maintenance costs and drastically improving the quality of your finished products. EMG Precision demands only the highest quality precision and quality from its manufacturers to give you the choice of using only the very best CNC Tool Holders on your CNC Milling Machines and Routers.

HSK Spindle Tool Holder FAQs

The HSK type of tool holder is a highly innovative design that originates from Germany, Europe where this cutting-edge technology is widely used. HSK is a German abbreviation  or Abkürzung, and translates as ‘Hollow Taper Shank’. Unlike BT Tool Holders that feature a 7/24 comparatively long tapered shank, HSK Tools feature a short 1/10, hollow shank. We will go into this in a little more detail later but essentially it removes the need for a retention knob and allows for ultra-precision high speed machining.

The use of HSK Tool Holders has been growing significantly since 1993, when DIN (the German standardization organization) issued the HSK shank standard, DIN 69893, for the six forms of the design. Stock standard styles in Germany are considered as Form Type A and C. Some manufacturers product HSK Tool Holders that are to proprietary standards and they do not conform to any currently and widely recognised standard. Be careful when you purchase HSK Tool Holders that they meet the correct and official standards. All EMG Precision’s HSK Tool Holders meet the globally recognised DIN69893 standard. The United States and North America are increasingly adopting the use of HSK Tool Holders, recognising that there is a need for higher precision and higher machining speeds in order to be competitive in today’s demanding markets.

HSK Tool Holders do require a new approach to their use and storage in order to maintain their ultra-precision. The tolerance between the spindle receiver and the HSK taper itself can be as little as 1-2 microns. EMG Precision offer a range of VANTABLACK Ultra Precision HSK Tool Holders that offer less than 1 micron runout at G2.5 30,000rpm making them some of the most accurate tool holders available on the global market today.

There are basically 3 types of application specific to HSK Tool Holders that cover a range of six different specific categories of tool holder that have varying features covered here:

Type A: These tool holders are designed for automatic tool changing and require moderate or high spindle speeds and moderate torque for maximum efficiency.

Type B: Another automatic changing design, type B tool holders are perfect for high-torque applications that use high or moderate spindle speeds.
Type C: Similar to type A, type C HSK tool holders are meant for manual changing with the same moderate torque and moderate-to-high speeds.
Type D: These tool holders are the manual changing version of type B HSK holders.
Types E and F: For low-torque applications that require extreme spindle speeds, choose either type E or type F tool holders.

It is necessary to correctly match the HSK Tool Holder type with the machine and application in order to obtain the sought after results. Improper use may cause damage to people, machine and equipment or simply not give you the correct precision machining results.

In comparison to conventional steel tapered shanks, an HSK tool holder allows much more control over precision at high speed due to its greatly increased radial stiffness over more traditional tool holders. The radial stiffness of an HSK Tool Holder can be as much as five times more than that of a typical BT, CAT or SK Tool Holder.

An HSK assembly also owes its rigidity to its simultaneous-fit design. This means the toolholder’s flange face contacts the spindle’s face at the same time the taper is completely drawn into position. Because the toolholder is 0.00635mm shorter than the spindle socket, an interference fit occurs at the toolholder’s flange face. The resulting axial force, or mechanical preload, between the flange face and the spindle ensures full contact of the mating surfaces. This increased bearing surface area gives HSK holders better resistance to radial deflection than standard-taper holders have.