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Mechanical Vernier Calipers

What are they? Learn about Measuring Calipers here...

Check out our two articles here than focus on what vernier calipers are, and how they are compare to Digital Calipers in our in-depth articles looking and how they are used and what the advantages and disadvantages of using both types are...

Explore our collection of professional calipers. These engineering measuring calipers are manufactured strictly in accordance with DIN862 and are individually tested and inspected prior to despatch to ensure precise measurements and smooth operation.


We have a choice of caliper including options with fine adjustment, auto-locking and more. Available with accuracies as little as 0.03mm and graduated as little as 0.02mm or 0.001". We also have a choice of Calibration Gauge Block sets in either steel or Ceramic.

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EMG Endorsed Dasqua 1120A Series Monobloc Vernier Calipers

2020-10-06 Uploaded Date.EMG Precision Endorsed Dasqua Economy Big Screen Digital Vernier Calipers With Data Output And Featuring A Measurable Range From 0~1...
EMG Endorsed Dasqua 1120A Series Monobloc Vernier Calipers

The video was uploaded on 06/10/2021.

You can view the video here.

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