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Our range of engineering measurement products is in it's infancy but we have big plans to offer a range of products that cover the most diverse range of measuring requirements from simple caliper measuring to digital spherical anvil tube micrometer inspection work, and ultra-sonic hardness testers. In addition to categorising all of our range by product type we have offered to option to browse our catalogue of engineering measuring products by their specification, features, precision and overall performance level. 


Dasqua Pro Range Vernier Calipers provided to you by EMG Precision

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Currently we have chosen to divide our range of metrology related products into 3 categories including our 'Professional Series, 'Mid-Range Industrial' and 'Entry-Level Solutions'. Our professional series are solutions that suit the most seasoned professional machine shop or inspection laboratory. They feature the very best micrometer brands, the best depth micrometers to the ultimate and best digital micrometer. Our specially selected Pro range includes some of the best digital vernier calipers around and are available for affordable world-wide delivery as well as having UK stock. We also feature a huge range of non-standard measuring equipment like speciality micrometers and scientific calibration grade precision instruments.

Our 'Entry-Level Solutions' are just that. There is no need to pay hundreds and thousands of pounds for equipment able to measure down to 3 microns, all day long whilst covered in oil and coolant liquid, when your workshop requires only 0.05mm accuracy and/or is used occasionally. Products in this range, comply with their associated standards and accuracies but are not generally calibrated and subsequently issued with calibration certification.

Our Mid-Range Industrial selection of equipment is targeted at the user wanting professional performance and results but without the need for, or expense of, features like environmental protection rating, or functionality often present in premium options for use in mass manufacture or inspection environments. A good example of to whom this product range is targeted at would be a low volume, small professional or hobbyist who requires high precision and reliability, but does not have to live up to heavy 24/7 industrial use.

Choose from the range most suited to your requirements and you can use the filters to refine your search as required knowing that the results are in your area of precision and performance interest. Some of the range if difficult to categorise. For example, a micrometer might feature IP54 or comes complete with a calibration certificate but is technically not capable of repeating ultra-precision measurements. For this reason you may see certain series appearing as crossover between two categories.