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If you need precision engineering measurement tools and equipment offering ultimate performance and ultra-precision, we have grouped all of our professional, highest performance equipment in one place. Here you will find the best brand of calipers and best brands of micrometers that are available at reasonable price points. Our Pro range all come with calibration certification and a two-year warranty. Don't be fooled into over paying for a proprietary brand name when our affordable products are calibrated to the quote repeatability's and accuracies, and guaranteed to do it for 24 months. You may come across a few products that appear more like a mid-range offering, but if there is a particular crossover of feature between specifications, we may have chosen to offer some products in both the mid-range and professional categories.

We have a comprehensive range of engineering measurement tools including a choice calipers and micrometres. Many of our products are available in either vernier, dial or digital formats. At the time of writing our full range is not completely online. Our gigantic catalogue is going to take a while to upload.

Here you will find equipment that performs alongside the best of the best, only here we have price points that reflect the true inherent value, and not a falsely created feeling of quality. We want to give our customers the best performance at a sensible price. Give our Pro range a test and if you are not happy with its performance, we will give you your money back. Subject to T&C's as normal.


What engineering measuring tools do you supply?

  • Angular measuring devices for measuring angles.
  • Vernier Calipers, Dial Gauge Calipers and Digital Calipers.
  • Dial Gauge Indicators, Digital Indicators.
  • Depth Calipers for measuring the depth of features.
  • Speciality gauges for a special type of uncommon requirement.
  • High accuracy instruments for measuring internal features.
  • Unusual types of measurement equipment that are not widely available.
  • Ultra precise measurement devices for professional industries.
  • Vernier scales, dial scales and digital scales.

Where do you deliver your measurement instruments to?

EMG Precision ship all of our products to the majority of places all across the globe. We deliver daily to the US, Canada, all over Europe and of course the UK.

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