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What are Tool Holder Fixtures?

Tool Holder Fixtures are custom designed assemblies, often resembling Poka Yoke Jigs that aid in the fitment, tightening and un-doing of cutting tools in machining tool holders, most often used in CNC Spindles. These fixtures safely and accurate secure the tool holder while the cutting tool is placed in position and the wrench, or spanner, is used to tighten the cutting tool. The fixtures are most often bolted or affixed to a workbench or tool change station.

Tool Holder Fixtures are critical to allow the safe and effective clamping of cutting tools in tool holders. A secure fixture jig is a step towards standardisation that can be easily and affordably replicated across unlimited number of machining centres. A secure fixture prevents injury to persons or equipment through the removal of slips, or dropped equipment. It is also much simpler to accurately apply the correct amounts of torque to a cutting tool clamping system when mounted static in a assembly jig fixture.

Here at EMG Precision we have a large range of Tool Holder Fixtures including the following model and size types…

  • BT Tool Holder Fixtures in sizes BT30, BT40 & BT50 Tightening Fixtures.
  • HSK Tool Holder Fixtures in sizes HSK25A, HSK32A, HSK40, HSK50, HSK63 & HSK100.
  • SK Type Tool Holder Fixtures in sizes SK30, SK40 and SK50.

If the fixture jig you require is not listed above, please drop us a line. Custom Tool Holder Fixture Jigs are available on special request. Email with your enquiry.