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About DASQUA : Originally established from Italy, DASQUA has been supplying measuring industry for more than 45 years, providing reliable measuring tools to ...

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A little background...

Long ago in the early 1980s, when Dasqua embarked on a mission to supply machinist calipers in North Italy, 2020 was but a distant moon away. But today, here they are! Dasqua Blue is now recognised as the symbol of reliability, tradition, and spirit in its field. Dasqua has its headquarters in Lodi, Italy, and two additional fulfilment facilities strategically located in Los Angles (for Pan-America), and Shanghai (for Asia regions). Dasqua is currently serving customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Some major milestones for Dasqua include in a key moment in 2008, where they launched the first rechargeable digital caliper in the world, along with a successfully granted, global patent.


Dasqua Vernier Caliper with Fitted Storage Case and Warranty Card

A little bit more...

Last year, Dasqua made the switch to an all-new speciality carbide material for our contact measuring anvils. This new carbide replaces the traditional YG6 Carbide which would naturally wear off over time. This has given Dasqua’s customers a whole new assurance of long-lasting performance and accuracy, unseen in other proprietary brand names. Another grandiose improvement from Dasqua is the recent introduction of double precision ground stainless steel positional screws. This seemingly minor, but realistically massive leap has further cemented Dasqua’s reputation for reliability and precision, in even the harshest of environments. The Dasqua brand is based on the quality of its products, and they have significant investments in research and development of product improvements and brand-new technological advancements. Dasqua is now focussing heavily on the data management element of its inspection equipment with a view to offer customers world-class solutions that can take advantage of highly efficient data managements systems.

Why Dasqua products?



State-of-the-art precision equipment & world-class lean six-sigma processes ensure a manufacturing facility focussed on the customer and geared up for quality assurance and continuous improvement.

QA OK Seal Label

Traceable QA System

Every single Dasqua measuring tool is positively release tested independent CNAS-qualified lab, using inspection devices from ZEISS, HAIMER & MARPOS. Calibration certificates are issued in line with the respective DIN & ANSI standards. Visual inspections also prevent the slightest scratch, even on non-functional surfaces.

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Fast Response

With locations in Europe, America & Asia, Dasqua pride themselves on global availability and are targetting 90% on-stock coverage of 800+ regularly demanded SKUs by 2022 to meet customers daily demands. EMG Precision are setup to enable Express Airfreight on all International Deliveries.

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Quality Confident

Dasqua are extremely confident in the quality of their products and subsequently offer a full two years warranty* on accuracy and workmanship. Spare parts are fully available on request and its dealership network are fully trained in its full range of products.

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