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About Our Company

EMG Precision

Check out everything about us from our presence on social media to a letter from our founder. If it is about EMG Precision you can find it here...


EMG Precision have recently had a few changes with regards our websites. EMG CNC ( currently sells a large range of CNC related products ranging from Tool Holders to VFD's. This element of our business supports the development costs of our core main objective surrounding the manufacture and development of Tool Setters & Touch Probes.

Our companies fundamental operations are now operating from (this site)and will be solely dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and sale of affordable, precision metrology products. We will continue to revise and refine our range of products at to continue to help support machine shops all over the world with great quality products at the right prices.

All products manufactured by and for EMG Precision will be branded with our logo. Although flattered by companies copying our products, we are in no way affiliated with any companies offering inferior quality copies.


This is an offer of:

EMG Precision Ltd.

Registered in England and Wales No. 13056369

Registered Office: Thimbles, Garthorpe, DN17 4RU, England

Officially represented by it's Managing Director: Jonathan Gee

EMG Precision does not commit to nor is obliged to participate in the alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes in front of a consumer dispute resolution entity.