Positive Insert Boring Bars

Choose from our range of over 40 professional metalwork lathe turning boring bar tools from EMG Precision. Positive insert boring bars in a choice of sizes, specification, insert style design type. One of largest, most high performance cutting tool ranges on the market.

What are metal lathe boring bars?

Metal lathe boring bars are tools used in machining operations to enlarge or create holes in metal workpieces. They are designed to be used in conjunction with a lathe, which is a machine tool used for shaping and machining metal.

Boring bars consist of a long, cylindrical body with a cutting tool attached at one end. The cutting tool typically has a hardened and ground insert made from carbide or high-speed steel. The body of the boring bar is inserted into the lathe's tool holder or tool post, and the cutting tool extends out from the lathe's spindle.

The primary purpose of a boring bar is to bore precise and accurate holes with a smooth surface finish. It is commonly used to enlarge existing holes, create cylindrical recesses called counterbores, or create tapered holes called tapers. Boring bars can also be used to machine internal threads by using specialized threading inserts.

During operation, the workpiece is securely mounted in the lathe's chuck or collet, and the lathe spindle rotates the workpiece while the boring bar is fed into the hole. The cutting tool removes material by shaving off small chips, gradually enlarging the hole to the desired size or shape. The lathe's feed mechanism allows for precise control over the cutting process, ensuring accurate dimensions and surface finish.

What are metal lathe boring bars used for?

Boring bars are widely used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and engineering, where precise machining of metal components is required. They offer versatility and efficiency in creating or modifying holes in workpieces, making them essential tools in metalworking processes.

What are positive insert boring bars?

Positive insert boring bars are known for their versatility and productivity. They are commonly used in a variety of materials, including steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals. The inserts used in positive insert boring bars can be easily replaced or indexed, allowing for efficient tool changes and reducing downtime in machining operations.