EMG Nano 2 CNC Tool Length Setter

Shop the world-class repeatability, precision and reliability from the EMG Precision Nano 2 Tool Setter featuring a 20mm diameter carbide touch plate and utilising a optical trigger switch trigger giving 0.5 micron repeatability, and complete with a stainless steel body and a sealing system giving IP68 protection.

EMG  Precision Nano 2 20mm Tungsten Carbide Touch Plate CNC Tool Setter On a white Background. Cable End Side View with Base.
Invictus EMG Precision Nano 2 on a black background. Isometric 3 view.
EMG  Precision Nano 2 20mm Tungsten Carbide Touch Plate CNC Tool Setter On a white Background. Indicator End Side View with Base.

Invictus EMG Nano2 Frequently Asked Questions | FAQS

Is the EMG Nano 2 Waterproof and Coolant Proof?

The EMG Invictus Nano 2 is IP68 Rated. This means that it has been fully tested to be resistant to Liquids, Oils and Coolants without a problem. The technical definition means that the instrument has total dust ingress protection and it capable of working whilst submerged, which can often seem like the case with complete flood coolant systems.

What type of customer is the Nano 2 Tool Setter designed for?

The EMG Nano 2 Tool Setter is suitable for the most hardened professionals. Capable of achieving half a micron repeatability, only the highest of quality CNC Milling machines and vertical machining centers can fully take advantage of the Nano 2's accuracy. The affordability of the Nano2 Tool Length Setter means to it obtainable to amateur enthusiasts and semi-professionals alike.

How long will the Nano 2 last?

The EMG Invictus Nano2 is truly remarkable in its build quality. Built to last from Stainless Steel and a Tungsten Carbide Touch plate, the Nano2 is designed to live in the harshest of CNC Machining Environments. The Nano2 uses an Optical Trigger switch which is mechanism free. This gives this model of Tool Setter over 10 million triggers. We don't know actually how long it will last because we had to stop counting at 10 million because there was no indication of wear at all.

Where do you delivery the Nano2 Tool Setter to?

We provide a world-wide delivery service for all of our products. Our main customers are all over Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada, United States of America and South America. Basically if your country does not have any import restrictions we will probably be able to ship to you