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Check out our world-class range of Digitizing Touch Probe for CNC Milling Machines and CNC Lathes. Take full advantage of your cnc milling machine with the addition of an affordable, industrial standard touch probe to automate coordinate referencing and streamline your workflow.

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World-Class Performance. Industrial Machine Shop CNC Machine Tool Probes from EMG Precision. As good as it gets performance with and IP68 Rated sealed stainless steel system.

FAQs CNC Touch Probes

EMG Precision present its Taculus Series of 3D digitizing touch probe for CNC tool and component setting solutions. The range includes an infrared and a radio tool probe and a hard-wired CNC Digital Probe. Our World-class design and engineering make our 3D probing range ideal for the most industrial machining workshops. Combined with one of our other CNC machine tools, a tool setter you can take complete control of workpiece setting, measurement, inspection, and tool length setting. Our range of CNC probing systems sensors are designed for 3D probing work on professional machining centers, milling machines, cnc routers and lathes.

Like a Renishaw probe, probing routines can be programmed using built-in interfaces or with probing macros using the CNC Controls. Fundamentally critical for part inspection and alignment our digitizing probes can be used for all sorts of measurement functionality, offset management, 3D point clouds and much more. All our probing systems use a skip signal method of communication for the workpiece touch trigger system, whether it be our infrared touch probe or our Radio signal touch probe. Our Taculus series are perfectly suited as a mach3 digitizing probe, 100% compatible with Fanuc, unlocked, Hurco & Haas, Centroid CNC, DMG Mori, Linux CNC, Siemens, Mitsuibishi and most other systems that can manage a skip signal input.

Our whole range of Touch probes and Tool Setters are performance tested against the best in the world. Our solutions either perform equally to, or better than the proprietary brands out there in the market today. Our solutions are all IP68 Rated and perform to sub 1 microns conditions. As for spares and technical support, well we can supply you with a temporary replacement probe to keep you running while yours is repaired in the event of a crash, and we can offer spares and complete replacement units in as little as 10 days in the right circumstances.

EMG Precision R2i and  IFi-P4 CNC Touch Probes

CNC Digitizing Touch Probe FAQ's

Combining a Wireless CNC Probe and interface digitizing touch probe systems can provide countless opportunities for productivity and quality improvements. Pair our systems in an automated tool change system and the reduction in changeover times. In addition, general non-value-added time can significantly improve your process lead times and increase your overall manufacturing capacity. Our proven kinematic design combined with our secure frequency hopping receiver technology provides a trusted and reliable, industrial communications connection. With our R2i Radio Touch CNC Touch Probe we make use of a globally recognised 2.4ghz waveband, compliant with radio regulations in all major markets, removing any issues where achieving line of sight is a challenge in your operation.

For more complex situations like 5-axis machining centres EMG Precision have developed the R2i. A radio probe and receiver with a 15-metre range capable of functioning with no direct sightline. We also offer an entry level probe that features the same precision repeatability of one micron as our wireless range but is hard wired. Perfect for those on a budget or applications where wireless technology is not necessary.

The entire range of EMG Invictus Touch Probes are IP68 Rated and built from stainless steel making them perfectly engineered for operation in the most demanding, professional environments. Our range of inspection, digitisation probes can perform equally with the absolute best solutions available in the world today. One significant difference here is that our Digital CNC touch probe price point is much more attractive than the big brand names claiming the same performance features.

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The EMG Taculus Series currently offers a choice of two wireless CNC machine touch probes. This article will help you decide the pro's and con's of either option to help you decide which is the right choice for your requirements. If you are looking for a new probe and want some help to understand what the differences are and whether you should choose a new touch probe with infrared or radio transmission. 

We have created a complete article on this topic to help you understand the differences and help you make an informed decision as which system is best for your application. You can read it here... 'Which CNC Digitising Touch Probe should I choose? Infrared or Radio Probe?' (opens in a new window)

In today’s day and age it is essential that manufacturer’s seek to reduce setup and changeover times to maximise the productivity of their machine setups. It is also absolutely necessary that machine shops have maximum control over the outcome precision of the components they manufacture in order to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

You can check out our full article on How CNC Touch Probes work here... How Does a CNC Probe work? (opens in a new window)

EMG Precision IFi-P4 CNC Touch Probe

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