Engineering Measurement

Check out our Metrology store featuring a comprehensive range of professional engineering measuring tools. Our range specialises in measuring equipment used in engineering and as a measuring instruments supplier we recognise you want the best. Our engineering tools and measuring devices are industrial, professional quality at affordable prices. We are so confident in the high quality and precision of our measuring tools and equipment that most of the range comes with a full 2 years warranty.

Our range of professional measuring tools and measuring devices are designed and manufactured to perform the in the most demanding of environments. Our measuring equipment goes through an extremely strict quality control and assurance system guaranteeing the high performance precision engineers demand. We have devices for all types of measurement from vernier height gauges to precision measuring speciality bespoke solutions. Our equipment is of the highest quality whether it is hand tools or more automated, digital solutions. We have angular measuring instruments, laser measuring, depth gauges, dial or digital indicators, thread measuring, harness testers and whatever you can imagine. Form entry-level options to the most professional range our equipment can cover the most basic amateur, to the skilled hobbyist model engineering to the most demanding machining shop or inspection laboratory.