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Taculus IFi-P4 Infrared CNC Machine Probe

IFi-P4 Taculus Series Milling Machine Probe and Receiver

EMG Present the IFi-P4 Infrared CNC Machine Probe system complete with everything you need to start probing straight away. Part of the Taculus Series of milling machine probes, designed to be used in a spindle as a spindle probe.

IFi-P4 WIRELESS CNC Machine Infrared Probe | Optical Data Transmission | ≤1 Μm Repeatability | Ultra Precision

The probe transfers data by infrared optical signal. The IFi-P4 probe incorporates multi-threshold power control technology that reduces the power consumption significantly, so that the active life is over 1 year with a normal 3.6V/1200mA battery. 

The IFi-P4 CNC Machine Probe uses dual-channel technology, selectable by changing the channel with a remote control. IFi-P4 removes the likely hood of signal interference issues. IFi-P4 infrared probe has excellent stability and repeatability by using high rigidity carbide materials and automatic reset technology. The IFi-P4 probe is widely used and ideally suited in 3C industries. 

This touch probe is compatible with all standard forms of tool holder. The primary equipment consists of a wireless touch probe and a wireless infrared receiver.

EMG Precision Taculus Series Logo for its range of CNC Spindle Probes
Mill Touch Probe by EMG Precision. Worlds Best Infrared CNC Machine Probe.

Ruby Probe Styli ready to probe a steel part.

IFi-P4 Milling Machine Probe Features

≤1 micron repeatability @ less than/equal to 5metres/min. 
Wireless Infrared Signal Transmission.
FLEXIBLE infrared probe length due to modular design.
Excellent DURABILITY with over 10 million trigger times.
CLEAR Operational Indicator LED Light system.

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Taculus IFi-P4 Spindle Probe Specifications

What are the IFi-P4 CNC Spindle Probe Specifications?

  • Repeatability precision(2σ) ≤1um 
  • Protection level IP 68 
  • Trigger life >10 million
  • Life 5% Utilisation 540 days
  • Battery Life Continuous USE 360 days 
  • Battery Life STANDBY >1080 days 
  • Battery model 2 Lithium battery 14250 
  • Operating Range Up to 5m 
  • Operating temperature 0-60°C
  • Protective range XY plane: +/-12.5° | Z: 6.35mm
  • Signal transmission mode Infrared optical 
  • Total Package Weight (kg) 1.9
  • Transfer activation Automatic change 
  • Transmission Angle 360 Degree transmission envelope 
  • Trigger direction ±X / ±Y / +Z
  • Trigger force XY plane: 0.4-0.8N | Z: 5.8N 
  • Warranty 1 years Manufacturer’s warranty.
Close up view of an IFi-P4 CNC Touch Probe
Close up of the EMG Precision IFi-P4 Infrared CNC Touch Probe Receiver
EMG Precision IFi-P4 Taculus Series CNC Machine Probe and Infrared Receiver

What Is the Taculus Range of CNC Touch Probe Tools from EMG Precision?

Learn a little about our CNC Machine Digitizing Touch Probe's...

EMG Precision present its Taculus Series range of probing systems for CNC machines. The range comprises of two types of probe, an infrared and a radio tool probe and a hard-wired Touch Probe. Designed for CNC Milling machines, our World-class design and engineering make our spindle probe range ideal for the most industrial machining workshops. Combined with one of our other CNC machine tools, a tool setter you can take complete control of workpiece setting, measurement, inspection, and tool length setting. Our range of CNC touch probe sensors are designed for use on professional machining centers, milling machines and CNC lathes. For precision measurement results the Taculus range are tailored to achieve less than or equal to 1 micron repeatability. Similar to a Renishaw probe, probing routines can be programmed using built-in interfaces or with probing macros using the CNC Controls. All of our probing systems use a skip signal method of communication for the workpiece touch trigger system, whether it be our infrared touch probe or our Radio signal touch probe.

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