Glass Scale Linear Encoders | Glass Scale DRO

High Performance, ultra and high-precision resolution Linear Scale Encoders  for all your industrial positioning needs. Choose from a range of linear glass scales covering a measurement range of 70mm all the way through to 2300mm. Available in a choice of 1 micron or 5 micron resolutions.

EMG Precision GDXH Unimetro Linear Scale Encoders Glass scales

Linear Scale Encoder FAQ

Explore our professional range of linear encoder in a range of sizes from 70mm to 2300mm. The linear transducer system is mainly used in linear movement guiding structure, it is for the accurate position reading of the linear movement. It is widely used in the machine tools and measuring instruments. Unimetro provides multiple models of the linear position encoder products, used in varies of machine tools or measuring machines digital retrofit. Also OEM or ODM is available with our absolute linear encoder solutions.

The UJ series linear scales are with 2 models, open scales and sealed scales. Our optical linear encoders are available in either 1 micron or 5 micron resolutions. The open scale is high accuracy type, mainly used on measuring machine, the highest resolution up to 1um. The sealed scales are mainly used in machine tools and measuring devices, TTL signal or sin/cos signal, including thin scales, standard, and large scales. The large scales UJCXG length is up to 3100mm. Extra large scales are up to 3100mm-15000mm. Also we offers varies of accessories for users based on requirement for installation. World-Class optical linear encoders with worldwide delivery available at affordable price points.