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What are CNC Tool Setters all about then?

CNC machine tool setters are used widely on cnc machining centers, lathe cnc machines, milling machines, grinding machines and many or specialist machining application. They are generally used to reduce the down time the machine has due to adjusting tool length and diameter settings as well as broken tool detection. Uniaxial tool length setters typically are only used for measuring tool length, but some optical tool height setters are able to measure tool length and diameter. Machining centers all over the world take advantage of these systems and they are almost consider a fundamental part of an automated system.

Why should I learn about CNC Tool Setters?

As our society becomes more and more dependent on technology and precision equipment and automation the requirement for automation systems like tool setters and probing systems will become more and more of a standard practice. It is very likely that apprenticeships, high schools and universities involved in training cnc machining techniques and courses will find their curriculums changing to include these instrumental pieces of equipment.

We have begun to build a helpful resource about anything CNC Tool Setter related to help out anyone in the future refine their knowledge, or experts to keep up-to-date with new developments.

The options available to you with a 3D or Uniaxial Tool Setter are varied and extremely beneficial. With the press of a button or the macro programmed process, tool length and diameters can be adjusted in the machining centres controller software tool table. Custom buttons can be created to measure tools that are used for single one-off jobs, or automatically on repeat jobs where tool wear compensation can improve your product quality. These tool measuring activities can be conducted while the machine is still running, which can dramatically reduce your process lead times or individual cycle times. 


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Learn about how what a tool setter is and what an optical tool setter does, how they work, how they are used and what for and what else can they do?

22 July 2021

EMG Precision Tech Team

CNC Tool Length Setters

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