Internal Micrometers

Internal Micrometers from EMG Precision, Check out our extensive range perfect for most applications and requirements our industrial internal micrometers are available in digital or analog.


An internal micrometer is an engineering measuring tool for taking extremely precise distance measurements for features being an internal distance. There are an incredible number of types of internal micrometer for taking measurements in all sorts of situations and applications. We have created a list of many of the different type of inside micrometer below for you to take a look at. Most of these different types of measuring device are often available in both mechanical, manual versions, as well as electronic or digital. Some types of internal measurement instrument are particularly specialised for inspecting things like deep bore diameters in tubing. Top of the range digital versions are often IP Rated to offer waterproof protection and feature functional options like incremental and absolute referencing. It is safe to say that this type of measurement instrument plays both a critical and fundamental role in most QA inspection processes and precision tooling machine shops.

Digital Internal Micrometers or sometimes referred to as Digital Inside Micrometers are essentially the same as Mechanical or Analog Inside Micrometers. The key difference is how the user reads and interprets the measurement. With digital internal measuring tools the distance is displaying instantly on a screen, usually an LCD screen (Liquid Crystal Display). Electronic Internal Micrometers are much quicker to use than their manual counterparts. Similar to mechanical versions, some models are provided with an ultra-precision calibration ring gauge. How to calibrate your internal digital micrometer is covered in the instructions that come with your unit. Industrial models often feature a 3 point design and are available both in the digital format with waterproofing. Like the Dasqua professional ranges of electronic internal micrometer, the top of the range models features both an incremental and absolute function. We cover this functionality in our helpful articles section.