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Oculus 3DC-M1 3-Dimensional Tool Setter Probe

What is the Oculus 3DC-M1 Tool Setter?

The Oculus Series 3DC-M1 by EMG Precision is a deddicated ultra-precision 3D Tool Setter offering a repeatability precision of less than or equal to 1 micron. The 3DC M1 is perfectly suited for tool length and diameter measurement as well as perfectly suited for tool wear cutter compensation offset measurements. Manufactured and desgined for the industrial, professional environment, the 3DC M1 features a stainless steel construction and full environmental protection.

Explore our Oculus serie, world-class hard wired 3D Tool Touch Setter Probe from EMG Precision. The state of the art 3DC M1 3D Tool Setter for tool height and tool diameter measurement.