Learn About EMG Precision Invictus Series CNC Tool Setter

Introducing EMG Precision's state-of-the-art, INVICTUS Series of CNC Tool Setter. For truly world-class performance you need look no further, or pay no more, than this range of EMG Tool Setters. We have worked extremely hard to give you the most reliable tool setting solutions at price points that make them obtainable by even the smallest of machine shop. Please continue to take a read about what the Invictus range of machine setter can offer you or jump straight to the Tool Setter Shop.

What Features do the Invictus range of CNC Tool Setter offer?

EMG Precision offer a range of world-class Industrial, Ultra-Precision Tool Height Pre-Setters for Z Height touch off measurement. Featuring outstanding environmental performance and a solid premium construction our LTS Tool Setter range provides a sensibly priced solution to compliment a whole range of machining centres and lathes. Repeatability precision of as little as 0.5μm with our Optical tool setter (OTS), the Nano500 or 1μm with our UTS-2 mechanical trigger. State of the art machine equipment for CNC manufacturing machine shop professionals with precision demands.

UTS-2 Tool Setter from EMG Precision.

Cutting Tool moving down towards the touch plate on a CNC Tool Setter
Cutting Tool Touching the Tool Setter Touch Plate and taking a reading of the tools length.
Cutting tool moving upwards away from the Tool Setter after taking its measurement.
EMG Precision Sprite10 CNC Tool Setter Logo
EMG Precision Sprite10 CNC Tool Setter

What is the Invictus Series of CNC Tool Setter?

Introducing the Invictus Series of Ultra-Performance Machine Tool Setter's. The range consists of three industrial precision tool setter's design for performing an automatic tool length measurement function, broken tool detection and thermal expansion and cutting tool wear compensation.

What are the Invictus Tool Setter Common Features?

  • IP68 Rated.
  • Stainless Steel Industrial Construction.
  • Sub 1 micron precision.
  • Built in Air Knife.
  • World-Class Performance designed for professionals.
  • Plus 10 million Triggers...


What are the Benefits of a CNC Tool Setter?

There a many manual ways to manually measure the length of cutting tools.and most of which can be timely and prone to error or wide tolerances. The inefficient use slip gauges or other manual methods and entering the offset data manually takes time and is prone to operator error. Tool Length Setters, sometimes known as Tool Setters of Length Tool Setters, are easily installed on machining centres and CNC turning centres, allowing automated operation with the following benefits:

  • Automated routine checks possible with a cnc machining centre.
  • Reduced scrap & lost time.
  • Significant time savings with reduced machine downtime
  • In-cycle tool breakage detection (BTS)
  • Automatic tool offset calculation and correction of tool length.
  • Tool Wear Compensation.
  • Elimination of manual setting errors
  • Accurate tool length and diameter measurement
  • Machine Centre Thermal Compensation.
  • Set up and operate a machine with reduced changeover times by removing lengthy manual tool length measurements.
  • Ease of setting up tool offset and work offsets tables automatically.


A picture of the EMG Precision UTS-2 Tool Setter Product Instruction Manual

All of our Invictus Series Tool Setters come with a complete User manual including specification tables, installation guide, wiring diagrams, trouble-shooting and more. You can view the User Manuals here...

What does a CNC Tool Setter do?

Essentially, Tool Setting is the analysis and determination of geometric distances such as the width of an object, the radius and/or its height or length... Check out the full article on 'What does a Tool Setter do?'

Compare the Invictus Tool Setter Models...

EMG UTS-2 Features

  • Repeatebility: 1μm (microns)
  • Mechanical Trigger Switch
  • 11mm Overall Stroke Distance
  • Over-Travel Protection Circuit
  • IP68 Rated
  • Air Knife
  • 20mm Diameter Touch Plate
  • Ceramic Touch Plate

EMG Nano500 Features

  • Repeatebility: 0.5μm (microns)
  • Optical Trigger Switch
  • 11mm Overall Stroke Distance
  • Over-Travel Protection Circuit
  • IP68 Rated
  • Air Knife
  • 20mm Diameter Touch Plate
  • Tungsten Carbide Touch Plate

Invictus Series Logo

Where can I learn more about the Invictus Series of Touch Setters?

The development team at EMG Precision have developed the 'Invictus Series' of world-class, industrial machine tool setter's. The series currently consists of three models; the UTS-2, the Sprite10 and the Nano500. The UTS-2 features a mechanical trigger switch providing a truly remarkable repeatability of less than or equal to one micron. Both the Sprite10 and the Nano500 feature an optical trigger switch offering a performance as good as or even better than any solutions available on the global market today. Delivering a repeatability of less than or equal to half a micron these optical tool measurement systems can perform time time and again on the worlds most accurate CNC milling machines, machining centres and lathes.

The design of the entire Invictus range is based on a primary, single piece stainless steel body with waterproofing cable connections cast into the body post machining. Single access covers complete with custom O-rings complete the main body assembly making the Invictus Series fully IP68 Rated.

This range of ultra-performance tool setter solutions are suitable for use with a wide range of cutting tools from micro needle point cutting tools to large multi-insert, indexable facemill arbors. The contact tool plate of the UTS-2 is a precision ground ceramic and the Sprite10 and Nano550 Optical solutions feature a tungsten carbide steel, mirror finish touch plate.

The primary function of the Invictus range is to provide a machining centre with the ability to automatically measure the length of a particular tool in spindle tool holder. At its basic level, this is to be able to accurately set offsets so that the depth of cut on a piece of stock or components, produces accurate results in reality. The job of the Invictus Series is to take these measurements and feed that information back to the CNC controller, time and time, without fail in the harshest of environments. There are a number of other Tool Setter jobs that can be carried out automatically like cutter compensation and broken tool detection which can save time and money on automated cnc milling machines and lathes. The whole range can stand up to abuse from chemical coolants and glowing hot chips and swarf. With our optical tool length setters we stopped counting at over ten million triggers. As standard the units comes with a metal based cable sheath and an integrated air knife for cleaning the touch plate prior to taking a measurement from the cutting tool.

In addition to providing the most accurate tool length measurements available in the world today, our range of tool setter's can also offer a number of other functions when combined with some clever macro/controller programming. During the machine of components cutting tools wear down. Unless this wear is accounted for the accuracy of repeat components will deteriorate over time. Using the Invictus range the programmer can choose to re-measure the cutting tools at appropriate intervals. The new measurements can then be used to adjust tool cutter wear offsets to maintain in tolerance machining. These adjustments are often referred to as cutter compensation and can be programmed to automatically adjust a tool table of other compensation settings.

With an extremely small amount of investment in training the job duties of your employees can be refocussed more on elements directly effecting the customer. With a subtle change to job training time saved with the automatic tool setting, broken tool detection and cutter compensation, more focus can be given to workplace cleanliness like improving 5S, continuous improvement initiatives or reducing cycle times on CAM programs.


Check out our Invictus Series Tool Setter Videos

EMG Sprite10 Compact Nano Precision CNC Tool Height Setter

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EMG Sprite10 Compact Nano Precision CNC Tool Height Setter

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EMG Precision UTS 2 Ultra Precision CNC Tool Setter

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EMG Precision UTS 2 Ultra Precision CNC Tool Setter

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EMG Precision NANO 500 Ultra Precision Tool Setter in use on a Fanuc

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EMG Precision NANO 500 Ultra Precision Tool Setter in use on a Fanuc

The video was uploaded on 13/07/2021.

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Pair an EMG Precision Tool Setter with a machine probe and the quality & productivity improvement possibilities are endless.