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About the EMG Partner Network Programme

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Learn About Our Partner Network

Welcome to our Partner Network Portal

EMG Partner Network: What is it and how does it work?

Welcome to our introduction of the Partner Network from EMG and thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about our company. The EMG Partner Network is a framework developed internally by our team that defines roles, responsibilities, and relationships across our global supply chain.

Our framework is designed to focus on the unique intricacies of individual segments of our business in order to focus on supplying maximum value to our customers. We have recognised that some subtle differences in the supply chain of our various areas of focus require tailored solutions, rather than a one glove fits all approach. This allows EMG to offer our customers the highest quality products and solutions at highly affordable price points.

The EMG Partner Network Tropos

Our Partner Network Troposhere simply refers to global network as a full picture of all its individual entities

How can I join the EMG Partner Network?

The EMG Partner Network consists of our suppliers, our customers, our research and development teams, design and manufacturing engineers and more. You can view all of our worldwide locations on our page… EMG Global Locations | EMG Partner Network | EMG Precision

We are happy to accept potential new partners to our business. For our supply chain, potential suppliers can make contact and register with EMG Precision for consideration about future collaboration. You can register your company as potential supplier here… Vendor / Supplier Registration (

Careers with EMG Precision are advertised and managed through a Careers page, EMG Careers and are announced on LinkedIn and with various specialist recruitment companies.

The EMG Dealer Partner Network consists of a number of levels dependant on your position within your market, sales volumes, region or country management and some other factors. Applications to be part of the EMG Partner Network for Dealers of Official EMG Precision Products and Services can be completed on our page, Joining The EMG Partner Network (

The EMG Partner Network Stratos

Our Partner Network Stratospheres encompass all of the elements involved in a speciality focus of EMG Global. So there would be a seperate number of these individual networks for areas of our business like Tool Probing and Tool Setting, Precision Sensors, Presicion Automation Positioning.

What are the main elements of the EMG Precision Partner Network Programme?

The main key elements of the EMG Precision Level Partner Network fall under the following categories and cover the majority of the collaborations that form EMG Precision as an entity…

  • Corporate & Social Responsibility
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Manufacturing
  • Research & Product Development
  • Quality Management System
  • B2B Partner Network Programme

What is the EMG Precision B2B Partner Network Programme and what kind of dealers do you work with?

An example of how our framework continues to break down into the fundamental specialist areas, is the B2B (Business to Business) Partner Network Distribution Programme.

The defining headline categories of this programme are classified as follows and represent the different distribution functions….


The process for joining the EMG Partner Network using a structured and tailored applications process in line with the level applied for.


Usually small businesses or sole traders, sometimes applications or installation engineers that generate a sale of a product or solution on behalf of EMG from a personal recommendation within their network and receive a commission for a successful lead.

Regional Specialist Distributors

These are Distributors that work in a specialist industry in an agreed region or country. These distributors buy and hold stock from EMG Precision Corporate at wholesale prices and define their own price points in their own network of customers.

CNC Machine Manufacturer’s

Companies that manufacture or supply CNC Milling centers or Lathes and offer EMG Precision Solutions as optional extras or upgrades on their systems. This is a customised and specialist supply agreement dependant on the requirements of the manufacturer in question.

Global Specialist Retailers.

Global Specialist Retailors are proven distributors running in multiple regions and/or countries who buy and hold stock for supplying direct to their customer base.

Continental Importers

Large scale distributors for EMG Precision that manage a countries, continent or region(s) total imported EMG Precision products and then supply other smaller distribution and retail networks and agents.

EMG Dealer Network

Our Dealer Network begins with onboarding which can happen at any stage in the network dependant on the relationship and purchase profile with EMG.


Onboarding can happen at any of the stages in the EMG Distribution Network subject to a sucessful application and supply agreement.

EMG Onboarding Icon for a particular Element of the Dealer Network