CMM Fixture Plates

Multiple sizes of base plates are available as options for the FlexFix serries CMM Fixtures. This allows a wide range of possible applications for different sizes of CMM and supports a range of size component fixturing requirements.

A complex manufacturing process is required to make the CMM fixture base plates. Some of these include CNC Machining, precision grinding, anodised coating, and laser marking, to make the plates with high accuracy, flatness and reliability. In addition to the standard size base plates we offer, we are also able to consider customised sizes and threaded hole sizes.

FAQs CMM Fixture Plates

The fixture plates feature a clear alphanumeric grid pattern. Each fixturing component has it own part number easily visible. This helps the user to set-up fully pre-defined and document inspection assemblies, with the location and position of each fixturing component, so that the same set-up can be quickly and accurately reproduced for subsequent inspections.

The standard plate sizes offered are as follows… 400 x 300mm, M8 Threaded Holes, 400 x 400mm, M8 Threaded Holes, 500 x 500mm, M8 Threaded Holes, 600 x 600mm, M8 Threaded Holes. Non-Standard Sizes considered on request, email for more details.