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WTG Collet Spanner | WTG Collet Wrench

WTG Collet Spanner, more often referred to as WTG Collet Wrench in the US. WTG Collet Spanners in a choice of sizes. Part of our comprehensive selection of tool holder spanner wrenches covering all types of tool holder available.

WTG Collet Nut Spanner FAQs

WTG Spanners/Wrenches are designed for use on Machining Tool Holders with a collet and nut size of ER25 and above. Models are avaiable for ER25, ER32, ER40 and ER50 Tool Holder Collet Chucks. Certain sized models are also for APU style Drill Chucks in APU13 or APU16 mm sizes. The largest size can also be used for C32 Collet Chucks.

We stock a large compliment of replacement Collet Chuck nuts that match our full range of Tool Holders and WTG Spanners.