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EMG Precision Biographies


EMG precision Biographies

Approved Biographies for EMG Precision Ltd. for use by media outlets and publishers.

About EMG Precision

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EMG Precision is a new company specialising in world-class engineering measurement solutions. Founded in 2020, EMG Precision's area of design and manufacturing expertise is in the field of precision measurement and inspection products for automated machining and inspection industries.

The company manufactures and supplies a range of ultra-precision, state-of-the-art machine tool probes and tool length setter's. EMG's products are designed for the professional, industrial market and feature first-class performance. EMG Precision already have markets in the UK, US and much of Europe. The companies R&D is constantly working on developing its range and have introduced to market 6 precision instruments in 2021. The companies fundamental values are to provide world-class products to professional industries at affordable prices, making them available to even the smallest machine shops.