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New Product Launch! EMG R2i Radio Touch Probe

New Product Launch! EMG R2i Radio Touch Probe

Posted by EMG Precision on Aug 13, 2021

Brand New! The Launch of the EMG R2i Radio Touch Probe

Introducing the Brand New EMG R2i Radio Wireless Ultra-Precision CNC Touch Probe by EMG Precision.

The EMG R2i Radio Touch Probe marks the introduction of EMG Precision's second wireless CNC Touch Probe. The R2i sits alongside the IFi-P4 with the main difference being the method of wireless communication. The IFi-P4 uses infrared communication technology to relay signals from the probe to the receiver. The R2i offers the same precision performance as its sibling but features 2.4GHz Radio communication between the CNC machine connected receiver and the probe.

The R2i is designed more for situations whereby a direct line of sight is not always possible. This maybe in situations like 5-Axis machines where the positions of the stock and work holding fixtures may block an infrared signal. The R2i does not require a direct line of sight.

This choice of options in EMG Precision's range of Touch Probes marks a significant milestone in application coverage.

Just like the EMG IFi-P4, our latest Touch Probe features repeatability of 1 micron with a 50mm stylus. Our entire range of Probes are IP68 rated and built from a high quality stainless steel making them capable of performing over time in the harshest of environments.

EMG Precision offer free worldwide delivery on its range of Touch Probes and we are now offering a UK survey and installation service. Please give us a call on 0333 090 6441 or email us at for more details.